Wave Slides

These Durable injection Molded slides are designed for fun. Attach to 5ft decks and get ready to ride the wave!



Blue 10ft Wave Slide

 Yellow 10ft Wave Slide

 Green 10ft Wave Slide


6ft Straight Slide 

Rotationally molded for strength and durability the 6ft straight slide attaches to a 3ft deck. Perfect for smaller children who want to slide down the "big" slide!



Blue 6ft Straight Slide

 Yellow 6ft Straight Slide

 Green 6ft Straight Slide


  Red 6ft Straight Slide

 Granite 6ft Straight Slide

 Brown 6ft Straight Slide

 Scoop Slide

Our rotational molded polyethylene scoop slide that can be shipped UPS. The entrance and exit sections are each 3 ft. long with a 16” seat and a 23” overall width. Handrails are 9”. Additional 2 ft. inserts, can be added to make a 8-10-12-14-16 or 18 foot long slide. Two sections of 2 x 4’s (not supplied) are needed under the handrails for support.



Scoop Entrance and Exit

 Scoop Insert

 Color Options

Important: All play systems should be installed on a resilient surface. Please follow CPSC safety guidelines. In addition, all non-residential applications need to meet the guidelines for minimum play area surrounding any playground equipment by allowing a minimum 6 foot clearance on all sides, and a minimum of 12 foot clearance for swing sets.