Get your kids out into the fresh air and sunshine with their own backyard play set. This Adventure Deluxe play set is designed with many features that are sure to appeal to their imaginations. From steering the ship through a gusty gale to scaling Mt. Everest in an icy blizzard, these features will have them swinging, sliding, and climbing their way into adventure and exercise. While the kids appreciate the fun, you'll appreciate the quality construction of this backyard play set. It is made from powder-coated steel and UV-protected polyethylene (HDPE) plastic to reduce heat retention, rusting, and discoloration. Unlike wooden playsets, you don't have to worry about splintering, warping, or chemical treatments with the Adventure Deluxe play set. Made in the USA.

Specification Information
Model Number358001
ColorPrimary colors (Red, Blue, and Yellow)
Material of ConstructionHeavy-duty, weather-resistant powder-coated steel and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic
Unit Dimensions14 x 13 ft., 11 ft. height
Required Safety Zone Area29 ft 8 in. x 27 ft
FeaturesTwo belt swings, one trapeze swing, one propeller swing, a climbing wall, a cargo net, an activity chalboard, a wavy slide, and a look-out deck with over-sized binoculars and a rigid polyethylene roof,
Warranty5 yr. Limited Factory Warranty



Are your kids ready for a big swing set? This set takes just a couple of hours to set up, but provides kids with years and years of safe outdoor fun.   Designed with plenty of activities to keep your kids entertained all day, every day. Powder-coated steel and UV-protected plastic construction reduces heat retention so children play safely and comfortably.

Specification Information
Model Number90042
StyleFree standing (no cement required)
Material of ConstructionUV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and powder-coated steel
Unit Dimensions13 ft 11 in x 15 ft. 9 in., 11 ft. 5 in. height
Clubhouse Dimensions56 x 45 in, maximum interior roof height of 72 in., minimum interior roof height of 50 in.
Required Safety Zone Area27 ft.9 in. x 29 ft. 8 in. x 29 ft. 8 in.
FeaturesTwo belt swings, a trapeze swing, a propeller swing, an activity chalkboard, a cargo net, a climbing wall, a wavy slide, and a look-out deck with captain's wheel and over-sized binoculars, and rigid polyethylene roof
Warranty5 yr. Limited Factory Warranty